“A plague upon you!” [CLICK HERE for more information]

September 18-20 at Elk Lick Camp in Smethport PA


“A plague upon you!” [CLICK HERE for more information]

The streets of Wayfarer’s Landing are darkened daily by the sight of troll doomsayers garbed in the rotting flesh of all manner of slain animal. They wander, unarmed and posing no meaningful threat to the citizens, though they prophesize the end of the interlopers from reflections beyond. In broken common speech they spew forth the promise of destruction,

“A plague upon all you!”

“Death looms! Leave back from where you come or be dead soon!”

“It nest in your blood and you shall birth new horror!”

The Foundations have dismissed these trolls, and advised the citizenry to inflict no harm upon them unless they first pose a serious threat. They do not wish for any more fallout with the local native populations after recent events, and most figure these trolls only serve as an attempt to antagonize them. The Muldoon Sisterhood however has taken these ominous threats to heart, and has already begun to investigate their meaning despite the easy dismissal of their political peers.

Despite the cavalier front of most of the Foundations regarding these trolls, the common citizenry has succumbed to a foreboding fear of these lanky wart covered monsters. As the next gathering approaches, there will no doubt be an outcry for these trolls to be dealt with, and the virtue of their doomsaying to be uncovered, or disproven.


Mike_Craver Mike_Craver

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