(Season Opener) Welcome to Wayfarer's Landing! [Click here]

May 15-17 Event


The time has come. You will soon be travelling to Wayfarer’s Landing. You know that this is going to be a one way trip. Your body will be tethered to the reflection of Convergence, which you will now call home. You have heard the rumors, it can be quite a dangerous place. Wayfarer’s landing is a fringe outpost. Subject to attacks from local beasts, savage tribes and war-bands, restless undead, and vicious gangs within the outpost itself.

Are you sure you still want to do this?

Of course you do.

You step onto the rifting pad and the ritual begins. Waves of green energy rise and circle around you like a magical vortex. You feel like you are moving, but you can see that you are standing completely still. Then all at once you feel like you are propelled upward with great force, and brought right back down again with equal speed. The energy dissipates and you are in a busy room with a long counter from one end to another with attendants greeting lines of people one by one. A guard sternly asks you to step down and enter one of the lines.

As you wait in line, you see another attendant at the side of the room. He is holding a staff, and uses it to get the attention of the room by butting one end into the floor loudly. The room quiets. “Newcomers to Wayfarer’s Landing, take heed! The beasts in the area are becoming unnaturally aggressive! Hunting groups and caravans are being attacked regularly! Yesterday a child was attacked near the edge of town! If you travel beyond the gates, you do so at your own risk! Some foundation members are paying rewards for those who can guarantee safe travel for it’s members who have business outside of town! Check your local job boards for more information!”

The attendant steps down and goes behind the counter to help another attendant. The traveler in front of you in line shrugs and says, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another.”

The line continues to move and you are one step further to finding out what lies ahead for you in Wayfarer’s Landing.


Mike_Craver isayre13

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