Winter's End [CLICK HERE for more information]

April 22-24 at Elk Lick Camp, Smethport PA


Before the onset of winter an object, which locals described as a falling star, had shot forth from the sky and crashed into the wilds outside Wayfarer’s Landing. The Foundations had quickly worked to secure the site of impact, and little news has been released since with the exception of assurances that there was no immediate danger to the citizens of Convergence.

During the winter more than a dozen individuals, all who had been participants in experimental Rites conducted by the Alnor Synod, were rounded up and moved to a safe location outside Wayfarer’s Landing. The Foundations stated this was for the safety of the citizens as well as the participants. as it became obvious that there would be no end to the haunting specters that came to assail these men and women in the night. Several members of the Alnor Synod were arrested and jailed for endangering the population with these unstable Rites while further investigation is being conducted into their exact nature.

Now with spring approaching rumors also spread of visiting royalty from another reflection. While these sorts of visits are not uncommon from across the Infinitum, this one comes with speculation that the visitor is fearful for their life, and seeking asylum from the Foundations of Convergence. Officials have been quick to dismiss these rumors, and will offer no commentary to the nature of who they are, or when they’ll arrive. No one has been able to determine the source of these rumors.


Mike_Craver Mike_Craver

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