Zarina Ironclad

Played by Leia Ranck


Public Records for Zarina Ironclad
Written by the scribes of Wayfarer’s Landing

Notable Features: Often seen wearing blue war paint on her face and covers herself in bone and fur trophies. Has a noticeable accent.

Foundation Affiliation: Muldoon Sisterhood

Arrival on Convergence: 157 ADC

Reflection of Origin: Kareem


Zarina originates for the snow covered Northern Mountain. A daughter of an esteemed dire-bear tribe, Zarina and her dire-bear mount, Sabine, were a hunting force to be reckoned with. Although, when a stranger from the Southern Plains ventured up the mountain it would forever change the course of Zarina’s destiny.

Teran Ironclad, the son of a rich merchant from the Southern Plains had forgone all lands and titles to travel the world of Kareem, starting by traveling up the North Mountain. When he crossed Zarina’s path, he thought the savage woman who didn’t speak a word of the common tongue would kill him; yet, she did the exact opposite. Zarina took a liking to the stranger, she taught him how to fend for himself in the harsh environment while he taught her the fundamentals of reading and writing. Soon their friendship turned to much more.

Under the Sacred Second Moon, Teran and Zarina took vows of love and were married, but their happiness would not last forever.

News of their joining soon reached Zarina’s father. One morning, joined by the rest of Zarina’s tribe, Zarina’s father dragged her and Teran from their isolated hut and demanded Teran leave the Norther Mountain of face dire consequences. Zarina begged for Teran to leave, she could not bare seeing her father kill the man she loved. So he did just that.

For Zarina’s indiscretion, her father had Sabine, Zarina’s mount, killed. The ultimate sign of disgrace in Zarina’s tribe. Months later, Zarina was forced to bare her and Teran’s son alone on a cool summer’s night in her hut on the outskirts of her tribes village. A boy with dark hair and eyes the color of iron. Unfortunately the infant did not live past the cold winter nights and Zarina’s cries of agony echoes through the camp that night.

The next morning Zarina took Sabine’s coat to a scientist in the Southern Plains to trade for a one way ticket to a place where she could start anew. And thus Zarina’s adventured in Convergance begin.

Zarina Ironclad

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