A Timeline of Events

How This Timeline Works

The following timeline will continue to be expanded upon as new arrivals to Convergence learn more of the reflection’s history. This is of course only a telling of Convergence’s history. Any other timelines for other reflections will be included in their own documentation here, Reflections of the Infinitum

BDC represents Before the Discovery of Convergence

ADC represents After the Discovery of Convergence

The Timeline of Convergence

Around 3000 BDC: The Rifting Ritual is discovered. While the origins are disputed the ritual becomes steadily more prevalent in use and reflections start becoming aware of the Infinitum.

0 ADC: The Fatuous Five, a company of explorers, discover the Reflection of Convergence

0.4 ADC: Explorers activate the Thaumic Mirror in an effort to escape Convergence and return to their homes. the Primordials are unleashed.

0.5 ADC: The Primordials use the mirror to begin attacking other reflections. The Infinitum War begins.

3 ADC: Hundreds of reflections unify to create the Unyielding Host, a military force comprised of volunteers and conscripts who knew they would likely never be able to return to their home reflections.

7 ADC: The Unyielding Host defeats the Primordials on Convergence, pushing them into the Thaumic Mirror before managing to seal the portal once more and shut the ancient relic down..

7.3 ADC: The Unyielding Host disbands. The seven ruling Foundations are formed from the remnants. The settlement of Bastion establishes its first permanent homes. The Council of Pillars declares sovereignty from the rest of the Infinitum. .

8 ADC: The construction of the fortress Threshold is begun to protect the Thaumic Mirror.

30 ADC: Bastion becomes a bustling city, well guarded against the dangers of Convergence. Threshold becomes suitably fortified against outside threats, as well as any threat that may emerge from within using the Thaumic Mirror. An outpost between the two is established on the main highway to protect passage from city to stronghold. This outpost will later be called Wayfarer’s Landing.

40 ADC: Wayfarer’s Landing earns its name. Laws are passed by the council that regulate and enforce all diplomats, traders, and immigrants to rift into the outpost first, or face punishment. Word of these decrees is spread through the Infinitum.

50 ADC: Conflicts persist with the native monsters and savage societies of Convergence, many times of peace and conflict transpire over the years with a multitude of factions and interests.

80 ADC: A kingdom within the Reflection of Naust attempts to secretly rift a highly trained strike force inside the defensive perimeter of Threshold. The attempt to seize the stronghold was thwarted within a few days. This was the most successful attempt, to date, to seize control of the Thaumic Mirror.

157 ADC: The denizens of the Infinitum celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Primordials defeat. The political climate of the Reflection of Convergence shifts as many began pushing for activation of the Thaumic Mirror in an effort to harness its power for a multitude of interests.
(Out of Game note: This date corresponds with 2015)

A Timeline of Events

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