The Foundations and their Laws

The Purpose of the Foundations

The Foundations were formed from the remains of the Unyielding Host after the end of the Infinitum War on Convergence. The various elements of this large military body broke into 7 different groups that would become the governing Foundations. Each put forth their own leader who sat the Council of Pillars. Their first decisions were to safeguard the Thaumic Mirror and declare themselves a sovereign government from the reflections they all individually hailed from. This council has ruled over Convergence dutifully since the end of the war and each Foundation is comprised today of several thousand members.

The Structure of the Foundations

Primary Ranks
Secondary Ranks and Titles of Office

The Seven Foundations

The Alnor Synod
The Beldaren Sodality
The Dunstadt Union
The Kryn Society
The Muldoon Sisterhood
The Ogledurn Organization
The Volgard Legion

The Laws of Convergence

These laws are upheld and enforced by officers of the law as appointed by the 7 ruling Foundations. This is not an exhaustive list of laws, but covers those most relevant to new arrivals to Wayfarer’s Landing.

All citizens of Convergence are protected by these laws and held accountable to them. All those who journey to Convergence, even if their stay is temporary, who willfully make their presence and truthful intent known, are considered citizens of Convergence. In this citizens of Convergence will be held accountable by the laws of the Foundation above the laws of the reflections they originate from. Those attempting to escape justice from other reflections on Convergence will be handled on a case by case basis. The savage natives of Convergence are not considered citizens unless a specific person or group is granted such by the appropriate Foundation officials.


-Slander/Libel – Making a false, malicious or defamatory claim through word of mouth or written document.

-Burglary – Invasion of another’s property with intent to commit illegal acts, especially theft.

-Embezzlement – To take for your own anything that was entrusted to you by it’s rightful owner.

-Fraud – A deceitful breach of confidence or contract for one’s personal gain.

-Forgery – The production of falsified documents, contracts, writs, or counterfeit currency.

-Bribery – The offer of money, goods or favors with the intent to corrupt the behavior of a person or official.

-Contempt – An act of deliberate disobedience or disregard of laws or legal officials.

-Perjury – A willful giving of false testimony to a legal official.

-Assault – An attempt, offer, or threat to do physical violence.

-Unregistered Entry – The act of Rifting into Convergence outside of Wayfarer’s Landing, or avoiding registry with the proper channels upon entry. Special exceptions to this law may be granted.

-Extortion – The act of obtaining money, goods, information, or favors from an unwilling party by the abuse of one’s office, authority or magical abilities.

-Tax-Evasion – Failure to pay taxes or the attempt to conceal assets from tax collectors.

-Unlawful Creation of Undead – The act of turning to undead any citizen who did not provide written consent or verbal consent verifiable by a credible witness.

-Kidnapping – The act of capturing and carrying away a person against their will and holding them in unauthorized imprisonment.

-Battery – An assault in which the victim is physically harmed.

-Arson – Malicious burning to destroy property.

-Conspiracy – An agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime.

-Slavery – The purchase, sale, or ownership of an individual in servitude. Only citizens of Convergence are protected by this law. This does not extend to the native populations of Convergence who have not been granted the protection of the law by the Foundations.

-Manslaughter – The unlawful killing of a person or persons without premeditation

-Murder – The unlawful killing of a person or persons with malicious intent or premeditation.

-Treason – Actively attempting to disrupt or overthrow the governing body, or officials acting on behalf of the governing body.

-Theft – The action of taking of another’s property without permission.


-Recompense – A sum ordered to be paid to the victim of the crime.

-Compensatory Labor – Work ordered by the Foundations as a way of repaying the debt owed by the crime.

-Imprisonment – A sentence of time to be served in captivity as decided by the government.

-Fine – A sum ordered to be paid to the government.

-Banishment – Exile from the civilized lands protected by this code of law.

-Execution – Death by firing squad. Severity may allow for resurrection by means of a Death Mark, if not the corpse will be guarded for a period of 24 hours.

-Indentured Servitude -The binding in service of a wrongdoer against the party they wronged for a determined period of time.

A unique sentence may also be ordered by a magistrate to better fit a crime.

An appeal process may also be filed if a neutral court official or pillar thinks the punishment did not fit the crime.

Property and Tax Law

Those who have been citizens for a consecutive year are eligable to purchase property in Wayfarer’s Landing. Consecutive citizenship of 5 years, as well as clearance for travel to the City of Bastion makes one eligible to purchase property in the city.

Owned property will be taxed yearly depending on the size of lot and extent of development.

Embassies are lots of property granted to the governments of other reflections. These holdings are treated as sovereign lands subject to the laws of the owning government with any exceptions agreed to at the time the embassy was formed. These holdings are tax exempt.

Open Hostels are provided in Wayfarer’s Landing for new arrivals and visitors who do not have the funds, or desire to rent. While these lodgings are provided for free, they must be openly shared with any who desire to use them so long as room permits. In turn for the free lodging Foundation officials may recruit assistance for tasks from those lodging within for reduced cost of employment. If all parties within refuse to assist, they may be ejected from the hostel, or fined for their stay.

Merchants and traders from other reflections must report their earnings before rifting out of Convergence. Depending on goods sold, a tax of 3-5% levied against the merchant’s earnings.

The Foundations and their Laws

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