The Muldoon Sisterhood

General Description

Some of the bloodiest work of the war against the Primordials on Convergence was done behind the front lines. The surgeons and healers had no shortage of wounded to tend, or damaged minds to offer solace to. Those that flocked to this medical corps of the Unyielding Host were some of the most empathetic caretakers from across the Infinitum, and their worth was felt by every wounded soldier they were able to return to the fight. When the military host disbanded it was this division that played crucial role in the discussions that lead to the formation of the Foundations and the establishment of their government. The Muldoon Sisterhood was formed, and they embraced their ole in the new order as mediators, diplomats, and skilled healers of body and mind.

Today the Sisterhood works in the legal courts of Convergence, and is the first line of contact with the governments of other reflections. They aid ambassadors with the establishment of embassies in Wayfarer’s Landing, and often act as envoys for the Council of Pillars when they need to send word to leaders across the Infinitum.

Disagreements between the other Foundations are never in short supply. The Muldoon Sisterhood is called upon, as often as they insert themselves into the middle of these conflicts. They work hard to understand the needs, and wants of their colleagues so they can quickly diffuse tempers and speed contests of ego to constructive conclusions.

Political Interests

The most pressing concern for the Sisterhood is the treatment of the native, and less civilized populations of Convergence. Where others often seen bloodthirsty monsters, this Foundation sees potential allies. They recognize that the wild expanse of Convergence has been barely explored or understood by the Foundations, and the natives know more than they ever will. The Primordials and the Unyielding Host alike were interlopers into these lands, and it is appalling to the Sisterhood that no laws protect these indigenous people from shackles and servitude.

Where the Thaumic Mirror is concerned, the Sisterhood takes no sides. Their own ranks are split with mixed opinions gleaned from their lent ears to the wishes of others, and it is largely concerned to heated a topic to get directly involved.

Colors and Sigil

The colors of this Foundation are olive green and purple. Their sigil is a a threaded needle.

Their motto is,, “Service with Compassion”


Members of this Foundation greet their subordinates, equals, and superiors with a presentation of open palms, fingers directed towards the ground.To their equals and superiors they also bow their heads. For Wardens and greater they will also take a knee, still presenting open palms as a sign of non aggression.

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Important People

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The Muldoon Sisterhood

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