The Planar Cosmos and the Infinitum


The Components of the Planar Cosmos

The common mythos states that in the beginning there was nothing, and then a mysterious power gave birth to the Planar Cosmos. The cosmos is a collective of greater and lesser planes of power. These planes all serve various functions by their design, influencing and counter balancing one another.

The Material Plane

The Elemental Chaos

The Ethereal Plane

The Celestial Plane

The Infernal Plane

The Summer Lands

The Abyss

The Infinitum

The Infinitum is an unexplained anomaly of the Planar Cosmos where the Material Plane exists in an infinite array of reflections. These reflections are all alternate representations of the Material Plane that can vary drastically from instance to instance.

Countless Worlds, Endless Stories

Each reflection of the Material Plane occupies the same place in an otherwise singular Planar Cosmos. For unknown thousands of years the denizens of these reflections lived ignorant of the existence of the Infinitum, believing that their reflection was the singular entity of the Material Plane among their understanding of the cosmos. This allowed each alternate reflection to develop uniquely from the next, as magical events, gods, wars, races, cultures, etc all influenced one another in different ways. In this way some reflections hosted very developed and advanced societies, while others were devoid entirely of life. Arcane and divine events alike had left some reflections seeming very alien from others as planar influences shaped the landscapes in different ways.

An Age of Discovery and Exploration

Several thousand years ago in a failed attempt to use arcane rituals to travel beyond the Material Plane to the rest of the cosmos the formula for the Rifting Ritual was discovered. Through rifting individuals could transport themselves from one reflection to another. At first many of these scholars were not sure what they had discovered, or if they had gone anywhere at all. Eventually several schools of these magical researchers came to understand the existence of the Infinitum and so began a new age of exploration and discovery. No one is exactly sure who discovered it first, and today many cultures of various reflections all claim to be the home of the first travelers. Presently no ritual magic for travel beyond the Infinitum to the rest of the planes has been discovered.

As rifting grew in practice, so did the number of reflections exposed to one another, leading to new alliances, technological advancements, and conflicts. For some it meant, as long warring nations of one reflection were able to stop competing with one another for land, and resource, and instead journey beyond their homes to new reflections entirely. The primitive societies of some reflections were advanced at unprecedented speeds by visits from altruistic explorers, while others were subjugated by those with more malicious intent.

Time went on like this for thousands of years and eventually lead to the discovery of a reflection that held greater significance and mystery than all those before it, the Reflection of Convergence.

The Planar Cosmos and the Infinitum

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