The Reflection of Convergence


Here you will be able to learn about the discovery, nature, and history of the reflection known as Convergence. The adventures to unfold at the game weekends for Fate take place in this reflection, and more specifically in the growing outpost of Wayfarer’s Landing.
History of Convergence

Below are detailed accounts of various episodes in the history of Convergence. An overview of these events can be found in this section, A Timeline of Events

The Discovery of Convergence
The Infinitum War
The War’s Aftermath


Information about the governing bodies of Convergence today can be found here, The Foundations and their Laws

Important Locations

The City of Bastion
The Fortress Threshold
Wayfarer’s Landing

A Compendium of Native People and Monsters

New arrivals to Convergence will have all manner of confrontations with the savage monsters and societies that have inhabited Convergence long before the reflection’s discovery by the greater community of the Infinitum. Here records can be found about these creatures and tribes.

(more to come)

The Reflection of Convergence

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