The Wonders of Magi-tech

General Description

The most advanced reflections know the wonders of magi-technology. This was any technology that was powered by a source infused with arcane magic. Magi-tech made all manner of complex machines possible, and allowed many reflections to industrialize themselves. Some cultures embraced these advancements more than others but even some of the most uncivilized reflections are littered with magi-tech equipment that has been traded for, stolen, or left behind by rifting travelers.

Magnificent towering cities, metal castles, airships, firearms, intelligent constructs and much more have all been made possible by the development of magi-tech. Arcanium is the resource chiefly responsible for making this technology possible. Arcanium is a rich and sought after magical ore after that fuels spell foundries across the Infinitum.

This progress has not been without cost, and as spell foundries increase in number so does the pollution that comes with them, and the increasing demands of resources to feed into the spell forging processes that convey the magical properties to the wondrous items that are assembled within.

Library of Technology
This section will be a constant work in progress offering details about the development and ways certain pieces of technology are utilized across various parts of the Infinitum


The Wonders of Magi-tech

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