Donations and Rewards

Fate LARP Donation and Reward Policy

LARPs often thrive on the goodwill and charity of their player base, and like most games Fate would like to offer suitable rewards to those that give their time, their money, and their skills to the improvement of the game.

There are two kinds of reward points in Fate that are awarded for services and donations rendered. Destiny Points and Fortune Points can be spent on their respective items in the lists below.

Donations: Fate accepts donations of all kinds, and sometimes we will even put out notice for needed donations worth extra FP and DP. We will even accept cash donations, and will award 3 FP for every dollar of donation. For larger donations we may award DP instead of FP.

NPC Rewards: When a player chooses to NPC an event, they earn all the Skill Points they would have towards a character as if they had chosen to PC the event. In addition, they earn 60 Fortune Points and 1 Destiny Point.

NPC Shift Reward: When a player attends an event as a character, and still chooses to take a turn to step out and NPC for the game for a 1 hour shift they will be awarded 15 Fortune Points per shift taken.

Referral Rewards: A current player who brings in a new player can acquire 1 Destiny Point per new player, up to a total of 5 Destiny Points for a year.

Clean up Rewards: It is expected that all players assist in cleaning up after themselves, and the game as a whole. Those players who go above and beyond to help prepare our campsite for inspection before we depart Sunday will be awarded up to 30 Fortune Points.

Decoration Rewards: Players who put significant efforts into decorating the camp, be it their tent, cabin, or the tavern area are always welcome. These efforts help to immerse everyone into the game world, and we’ll happily reward players up to 60 Fortune Points for their efforts.

Staff Rewards: Players who help operate the game as full-fledged staff for a game year will receive 6 Destiny Points at the end of the season. Players who assist in minor staff roles or only participate as full staff for part of the year will receive a reduced reward.

Destiny Points

You can spend 5 Destiny Points to eliminate an event’s cost. A player must pre-reg and announce their intent to use these points.

You can also turn in 1 Destiny Point for 60 Fortune Points.

You can spend 3 Destiny Points to acquire a catalyst at logistics of your choice from one of the crafting paths. This can only be purchased once per event you attend as a PC.

You can spend 10 Destiny Points to respec one of your characters. This will reset all your Skill Points spent and allow you to spend them again at your next logistics session. You are still the same character in terms of name, race, history, etc.

Fortune Points

60 FP – 1 Additional Skill Point – This can be used to purchase one additional skill point for a single character once per game month. These can purchased back as far as the last two events.

150 FP – A player can choose to pay for an event they were unable to attend, and gain the two skill points for one character as if they had attended. These can purchased back as far as the last two events.

5 FP – 1 Faction influence for a Member Faction, limited to 5 influence a game month that the player attends as a PC.

10 FP – 1 Non Initiate Rank Faction influence limited to 5 influence a game month that the player attended as a PC.

1 FP – A character can spend 1 FP to gain 1 banknote worth of resource tags, up to a total of 100 banknotes worth of resources or banknotes for use in crafting at logistics on Friday night. This can only be done on an event you attend, and PC.

Donations and Rewards

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