Primary Ranks

General Information

This structure of authority is universal to each of the seven Foundations. While the politics and interests of individuals holding these ranks may vary from one Foundation to another, their command and responsibility is unchanging. From Initiate to Pillar all members swear an oath of absolute fealty to the Foundation they have found a home in.

The Ranks

This is not an official ranking member of a Foundation, but rather a recognition a Foundation has granted a person for their reliability and interest in providing services for compensation to the Foundation. A person may be an associate of several Foundations.

This is the first member rank of a Foundation. These members are servants to the higher ranks as they seek to prove their commitment and worth to the Foundation they have given oath to.

This rank commands no real authority, but is still considered a protected member of the Foundation.

This rank represents those who have been proven loyal and capable in the eyes of the Foundation. This is most populated rank in any Foundation and represent the standard rank and file of the member base. Cohorts can be assigned all manner of task, and can hold many kinds of Secondary Ranks and Titles of Office.

These members are granted medallions that display their membership to a particular Foundation. The rank of cohort grants no authority over the citizen population, though initiates of the same Foundation must still answer to them. Additional authority over citizens in specific matters may be granted to a cohort by virtue of any secondary ranks they hold.

Each of the three major regions have six Concierges in service to each Foundation. Their task is to act as a gatekeeper between the Castellan, Steward, Wardens and their Advisors and the general citizenry and lower ranks of a Foundation. The Concierge will typically meet with those who wish access, hear their business, proposals, requests, and then carry word to the appropriate official and determine what action if any is needed. This rank is typically assigned by the Wardens of the region in question.

While this rank holds no greater authority than a Cohort, members with this rank do earn greater respect, and do have greater access to the upper tiers of a Foundation’s ranking structure. While they may wield no true command over cohorts, because of their position most cohorts bow to their whims for fear of having access to the higher ranks reduced. Like cohorts they may still earn additional title and authority in the form of secondary ranks.

Each Warden has three Advisors. These Advisors are selected by and serve at the whim of the Warden. Advisors are generally chosen for a specific expertise that the Warden needs assistance with. As such these Advisors are often very privy to the dealings of the Warden, and hold meetings to discuss and plan the management of the Foundations affairs and the resolution of problems that arise. This team is expected to troubleshoot crisis and minimize need to summon the Castellan’s attention to any matter. If all three advisors disagree with their Warden, on a particular matter, the Warden is expected to alter his course of action and heed their council.

Advisors have authority over all lesser ranks of their Foundation, and all Cohorts and lower of other Foundations. Advisors are to be respected by the common citizenry and obeyed when carrying out the duties assigned to them by their Warden.

Each Foundation has six Wardens. Two Wardens serve in Bastion, Threshhold, and Wayfarer’s Landing. In any of these locations one of the two Wardens is responsible for the treasury, and the other for personnel. The Warden of Treasury sees to all matters of finance, resources, taxes and requisition requests, The Warden of Personnel is charged with maintaining security, training, discipline, and assignment of duty to all subordinate members. These two Wardens work closely together to accomplish the Foundations needs in a particular region and serve at the pleasure of their superior Castellan while recognizing the authority of the Castellan’s Steward.

Wardens hold authority over all lesser ranks within their Foundation and over Concierages and lower of other Foundations. Wardens also are to to be obeyed by common citizens within their region of control.

Each Castellan has a Steward at their disposal whom they appoint and dismiss at their whim. Castellan’s may utilize Stewards to attend to specific holdings in their realm, or to assist them in attending the entirety of what they govern. Stewards are typically trusted aids and advisers, whom the Castellan is grooming to replace them when the Chamberlain’s see fit, or when a Castellan manages to rises to the rank of Chamberlain themselves.

Stewards have authority over all lower ranks within their Foundation, and all Advisors and lower in other Foundations. Stewards command the same authority over the citizenry as the Castellans they serve.

Each foundation has three serving Castellans. The holdings of a Foundation in Bastion, Threshold, and Wayfarer’s Landing are governed by one Castellan. As governors they are typically the highest rank that is hands on in the management of large numbers of the Faction’s rank and file. Each Castellan is appointed mutually by both Chamberlains, and only dismissed when both agree.

This rank commands authority over all lower ranks within their Foundation, and also has authority over Wardens and lesser ranks of all other Foundations.Within their sphere of control a Castellan’s word is law to the common citizenry.

Each Foundation has two Chamberlains that serve under their Pillar. One oversees the Foundations affairs in Threshold, while the other sits in Bastion. The two share jurisdiction over Wayfarer’s Landing. Their primary function is to serve as the eyes, ears, and mouth of their Pillar in these locations and delegate the Pillar’s wishes to their subordinates.

As the right and left hands of the Pillar they are considered to represent the interests of their commander, when they fail they are quick to be replaced as they serve at the Pillar’s pleasure. All ranks of Castellan and lower from any Foundation are answerable to the those who hold this rank.

This is the absolute and singular authority of each Foundation. While expected to be held to the written laws of the lands, their word is still considered absolute. The council of 7 Pillars keep the balance of power, responsible for scrutinizing the actions of their peers. The council convenes in the city of Bastion.

A Pillar serves for life unless unable to carry out their duties to sickness or death. The council can dismiss a Pillar with five votes, and a Pillar can also choose to step down from the office. When a new Pillar is needed, each Foundation has its own methods of choosing or electing a new Pillar.

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Primary Ranks

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