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Rulebook 1.6

Crafting Manual 1.6

Changelog – Fate Rulebook 1.6

-Vocal Radius now just Vocal

-Vocal prefix Ally/Enemy changed to Friend/Foe

-Poison no longer a prefix, it is now a carrier

-Metamagic prefix changed to Conjure

-Physical carrier changed to Strike

-Lightning elemental carrier changed to Air

-Martial and Massive carriers combined into Force carrier

-Effect names changed

-New effect: Force Shield, functions like other shields but for the Force carrier

-Deflects now limited to a maximum of 4 (5 with Heavy Armor Master)

-Reworked Racial Abilities – The racials that used to provide called defenses have been reworked to provide resists for individual carriers (strike, magic, force, poison) and effect groups (body, mental, and ethereal)

-Profession Paths removed from the game

-Lore Paths now grant 1 Banknote per actual point of Cost (important wording in regards to Lore Mastery)

-Educated Lore addendum changes added – Read and Write are now combined in the Novice tier, Math is lowered to Apprentice, Appraisal is lowered to Journeyman, Read/Write 2 Additional Languages is lowered to Expert, and Lore Mastery is added to the Master tier. Lore Mastery reduces the Cost of the Apprentice-Master tiers of all other Lore Paths by 1.

-Influence Path has an all-new influence spending section with much clearer guidelines on the spending of influence and bank notes when dealing with Foundations

-Pistol Proficiency no longer requires 4 SP spent in the Adventurer Path. Cost also changed from 4 SP to 2 SP

-Blunderbuss Proficiency cost changed from 5 SP to 3 SP

-Toughness now gives 2 HP per rank instead of 1 HP. This applies to all Paths that include Toughness

-Called Defenses removed from all Paths. In most cases, available ranks of existing skills were increased to compensate

-All weapon-type Paths – The Daily Disciplines for the 4 weapon types (sword, bludgeon, axe, and hafted) have all been changed to match the Hafted Daily (refresh all of the Path’s Encounter disciplines)

-Sword Expertise – Evade reworked into a self-cast “Phase Direct”

-Sword Expertise – Riposte replaced with a Bleed Strike

-Skirmisher – added Disarming Flourish

-Skirmisher – added Tactical Flurry, a focused attack of three 3 Strikes

-Subterfuge – Shadow Step now has a second Phase Direct after the damage has been dealt

-Focus Implement – Empty Hand Casting and Hindered Casting combined into one new Conjure spell

-Focus Implement – Added new Conjure spell, Blood Magic, which refreshes a used Spell Slot at the cost of 2 damage to the caster

-Arcane schools completely changed. New Universal Path added and 5 brand new Schools for Arcane casters, each with their own Daily spells

-Spell learning mechanic changed, with the number of spells learned in a particular Path being the new prerequisite for further spells (instead of the old system of SP spent in the Path)

-Light and Shadow healing and damage spells no longer scale – the Light Heal is 3 and the Shadow Heal is 1, and the Light damage is 1 and the Shadow damage is 3

-Grenades are now encounter-based and require a Unique Item slot. 3 different grenades may be equipped to this single Unique Item slot.

-Changes to items that involved Called Defenses

Master recipes no longer have a Resource/Banknote cost in addition to their Catalyst they only need the Catalyst now

-Force Shield added to Alchemist Potion Belt options and the Celebrant Spell Pool list for trinkets

The Game Rules

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